Friday, March 28, 2014

First team round up of the season and QMGS Chess the movie

Last Friday proved not only to be a pivotal moment for Queen Mary’s in their last chess match of the season, but also signified the end of careers of some of the 6.2 veterans of the game. So rather then write a brief overview of the match, I would like to summarise the season, and careers, of these players.

The squad this year was made up of Aslan Awan, Sam Dewsbery, Kyrone Grossett, Daniel Law, Lorcan McCullagh, Fahim Nasiri, Ravi Patel and Aamanh Sehdev. This team led QM to two trophies and a National Final, putting the school back on the map and towards the top of the interschool chess spectrum.

The teams players’ each averaged 84% wins for the year, and only lost one match out of 10, despite only being formed last school year, therefore supporting the claim of being one of the strongest chess teams over the past decade!

Now we come to the individual players, and where better to start than Daniel. Despite his inability to speak, his cold-blooded approach to the game has led to many of his opponents fazed or in tears by his almost sadistic thirst for blood on the board. Sam will always be remembered for one of the most embarrassing losses seen to the game as his year 8 opponent left him hanging out to dry, while Lorcan’s sometimes questionable yet impressive wins have given him a memorable reputation.

Aslan may be seen as the tactical scapegoat in many matches, but his laid back approach to the game, though deemed unorthodox, has guided QM through to many wins, as he remains the longest serving first team player of the last two seasons. Kyrone, feared in King Edwards schools for his many sub 3 minute wins, guided us to a win in the Regional final where he remained unbeaten, and finished the year with 90% wins! Fahim Nasiri remains QMs strongest yet smallest member of the team; his baby-face looks have been overlooked by many opponents, leaving him with an unbeaten season this year in the ten matches played!

I must not forget to make two special mentions to our graded players. The first is for Ravi, who despite being reluctant to play for the team initially, has helped us through some heavy weight matches, undoubtedly winning in fine fashion. The second is Harvin Bhogal, the ex-graded player from Kenya who broke his spell in retirement last year to entertain us all to what was one of the most unforgettable matches that I can record! 

The team has had many enjoyable games, and will leave with lots of memories. As for the match last Friday, QM annihilated the winners of last year’s Division 1, King Edwards Five Ways, 6-0 leaving their last memory as potentially there best one. I’d like to thank the team, and Mr Smethurst, with a brief video of last Friday’s events.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

QMGS1 6 FW1 0

Another good result for the first team, to end a fine season, beating King Edwards Five Ways. Fahim won his game with literally seconds to spare. In what seemed to be a drawn game Fahim eventually managed to out flank his opponent and mate him with less than 5 seconds on the clock. A very exciting game and a fitting end to this years league competition.

Year 7 and 8 at the Closed Play tournament

Well done to year 7 and year 8 for coming third in the Closed Play Tournament at King Edwards Camp Hill. Especially well done to Sarvesh Rajdev from 7P for winning all of his games!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

QMGS1 4 CH2 2 - QMGS2 2 CH3 4

QMGS firsts team take the second division title with a win at Camp Hill, well done to everyone involved! Also a good contest for the second team in their final game. Although it has been a difficult season, well done to all involved.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

QMGS1 4 KES1 2 - QMGS2 1.5 KES2 4.5

Last Friday saw both the first and the second chess teams come up against the highly regarded King Edwards Edgbaston. The private school was well structured with 3 graded players in their first team, and a 5 match unbeaten second team, so competition was stiff.

Intimidating stares and awkward competitive handshakes exchanged, the rowdy library erupted with silence as the clocks began. The first clock was stopped 12 moves later, a first loss for QMGS second team, soon followed by another. 2 – 0 down wasn’t the start we were hoping for, but with the 7 o clock showing of EastEnders in the mind of Kyrone Grossett, a quick win boosted team morale for the first team, leaving us 1 – 0 up after the 30 minute mark.

The second team had nearly finished all their matches by the half way mark, finishing with a win from Lorcan McCullagh and a draw for John of 6.1. Sam Dewsbery was the only one left to finish from the second team, against his year 8 Board 1 opponent.

Ravi Patel lived up to expectations to win his second match of the season, soon followed by a
loss for Aslan Awan. Luckily for Aslan, his loss was overshadowed by Sam Dewsbery’s, whose year 8 opponent ripped him to shreds, forcing him to resign for one of the worst losses seen of late, leaving the second team with a final loss of 1.5 – 4.5. It was 2 – 1 Queen Mary’s firsts and things were looking promising! But the top 3 boards, were still left to finish as the clocks struck one hour. 

Daniel Law, the most ruthless player of the team, was next to finish, but his opponent resigned before allowing for a fourth queen promotion, leaving him distraught and outraged. Mr Smethurst was left to calm him down with a cookie and some sandwiches, but the win ensured a definite draw!

Nearly at the one and a half hour mark, Aamanh Sehdev was next to fall to his board 2 opponent breaking his 8 match win streak, ultimately reducing him to tears on the Library floor, but Fahim Nasiri was ‘player of the match’ as he overcame the highly graded first board player in an intense final minute speed chess battle, to give Queen Mary’s first team yet another overall win for the season!