Saturday, January 30, 2016

QMGS v Solihull

Last Friday saw the first, third and fourth teams in action against Solihull. The first team team eventually won 10 - 2 after a good hour and a half of competitive chess. Well done to all involved. Especially to Abu-Bakr Ahmed, who has now won two first team games this season, showing a clear progression from where he started in the fourth team two years ago. As usual Ben Nevett Farman and Fahim Nasiri maintained there unbeaten runs. 

The second team also won 10 - 2, with impressive debut performances from Amanraj Grewal and Wasif Rahman. Well done also to Tim Crooks for winning his first game for the school and to Zac Elliot who also turned in an impressive performance.

The fourth team struggled and eventually lost 10 - 2 to a confident Solihull team. Although it's been a difficult season for the fourth team, these experiences will inevitably build maturity and good chess players for the future. Well done to Samual Ojerinde for winning his game.

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